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New Scientist 14.06.2021 kl. 18:25

Covid-19 news: End of lockdown in England to be postponed

The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic

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allowed alone alpha alphabet already also always am amber ambition among amount an An analyse analysed analysis and And Andrew Animal animals Anna announce announced announcement anosmia another another? answered Anthony antibodies anyone apart appealing applied apply approve approved April April-March are areas aren’t argue arm around arrival arrivals article Artillery as As asked Asked asking assembly assess assessing assessment associated Association assumption assumptions" assurance AstraZeneca Astrazeneca at At at-risk athletes August Australia Australians Australia’s author authorisation authorise authorised authorities available average averaging avoid aware Ayrshire back backlog bad balance” ban bank based bat battle Bay BBC be became because become becoming bed Bedford been before begin beginning begun behaviour being Belgian believes Belly benefits Bermudez best better between Biden biggest Bihar billion bind Biosafety Blackburn blamed bleeding bloc block bloc’s blood bodies body’s Bolton book borders Boris both bought breach Bridge briefing Briggs bringing Britain British broader Brussels burden Burnley burnout busier Businesses Busy but But by By California called calling Cambridge Camden can Canada Cancer candidate capillary capture Carbis cardiovascular care carried case cases catch catch-up catching Cats cause caused causes causing cautious cave celebrated cell cells cell’s cent Center Centers central centre centres certain certainly certificates chain change changed Channel charity charts charts: chief children children: China China’s Chris citizens city civil Clackmannanshire Clare class clear Cliff/NurPhoto/Shutterstock closed closer clots clots: clotting cold colleagues collected College Cologne Colorado Colour? come comes comments Commission commissioned commitment commitments committee Committee committees common communication community company compared compensation Compton conceivable concern concerns concluded condition conference confirm confirmed Conrad consequences considering considers consistent consortium consultant consulted consulted” contacted contagion Contagion continue continuing contract contracted control Control converging Cornwall Coronavirus coronavirus coronaviruses coronaviruses: costs coughed could Could council’s countries country country’s coupled course court COVAX cover Covid covid covid-19 Covid-19 COVID-19 covid-19's covid-19-related Covid-19: COVID-19: covid-19? creating crisis criteria critical critically critical” criticised criticism cross cross-party crosses Cummings current currently customer daily Danon Darwen Data data Data: data” David day days days? deal death deaths deathsThe debate Debora decades December decide decided decision decisions dedicated definitely” delay Delayed delayed delaying Delhi deliver delivered delivery delta Delta denied department departments depending depression described despite Despite detected detection developed development developments dialogue” did didn’t die died differently differing dining direction directly director director-general disability-adjusted disastrously discovery discuss disease Disease diseases disease” disorder disorders disposal distance distancing distribute divert DNA do Doctors doctors documentary documents dogs dominant dominate Dominic donate donation don’t dose doses down Doyle draft Drakeford drinks drive drives Drug drug due Dunbartonshire Dundee During during duty dying each earlier early ease eased easily easing East Edinburgh educational effect effective effectiveness effects effort efforts eight Eight either elderly elective elsewhere EMA emerged emergence Emergencies emergency Emerging Enclosed encoding encouraged encrypted end End England England’s enough ensuring entering entirely environment Epidemiological epidemiologist episode equipment equitable Essential essential established estimate estimated ethnic EU European Eustice EU’s even evening ever every everyone Everything everywhere evidence examines examining executive exempt existing expect expected experiences experiencing expert Experts experts expire Explained exploring expressed extend extended extension extra extremely eyes face faced facilitate facilities facing failed failing failure fairest fake fallen false families family far farm fast fatigue Fauci FDA features February federal fee feel feeling fell Ferguson few fewer fight figure figures final finally Financial findings fine fire first Five five flat fluid focusing follow followed following follows Food food for force forced Foreign formally former formerly forward found four four-week France Frankfurt Fred free frequently fresh from from? frontline fuelling fully Fully funding funny Furlong/Getty further future Future G-7 G7 Games gatherings gene general George German Germany gestures get getting Getty Gianella give given giving global globally go goal Goethe going Good got government governments government’s Graham Greaney greater Greater greatly Greek Green green Greg group Group groups growing Guardian guidance guidance” guided guidelines Gunners Gupta gyms had hadn’t Half Hamzelou Hancock hand handling Hannah happen happened Happened harder Harries Harris Harrison has hasn’t have Have haven’t having He he head headache headlines health Health Healthcare healthcare health” heart Heathrow helps hence her hesitancy hesitancy: hesitant high higher higher-grade highest highlighting highly highly-transmissible him his hit holding holds holiday holidays Hollie home homes Hopkins Horse hospital Hospital hospitalisations hospitalised Hospitality hospitality hospitals Hospitals host hotels Hounslow hours House households how How However humans Humans Hunt Hutchinson Hygiene identified idiopathic If if ignoring ill illegal illnesses Images Images/LightRocket ImagesLatest immediately immune Immunisation immunity impact Imperial implement important” impose improvise in In in-depth incentivise include included includes including incomplete increase increased increase” independent India Indian India’s indicates indication individual individuals indoor indoors industry inequality infect infected infection infections infections: inflammation influenza information initiative Innova inquiry inside insights instance Instead Institute instructions intelligence International interviews into investigates investigating investigation invited IOC Ireland is Is Israel Israel’s issue It it It's ITP its ITV’s it’s I’d J&;J jab Jafferali James Janssen January Japan Japanese Japan’s JCVI Jenny Jessica Joe Johns Johnson Johnson’s Joint Journal journalists July Jump June JUNIPER just justified” JUSTIN Kaori keep keeping Kent key Killing kind King’s Kirklees knew know known Korea” Kucharski Lab lab laboratory Lack Lahore Lanarkshire Lancashire last Last lasting latest Latest launched Lawton lawyer Layal Le lead leaders Leaders leak leak? leakage least leave led Leicester leisure lenient Leon less Less level levels Levels life lift lifted lifting like Likely likely limited line lingering link linked list listen lists list” Liverpool lives Local local lockdown London LondonGetty London’s Long-lasting long-term look looked lot lottery low low- lower lower-income lowest MacDermott Mackenzie made magazine magnitude mainly majority make makes making Malcolm manage manager Manchester map March Mark Market Marriott Marschalek mask masks mass Mass massive Matshidiso Matt may May maybe me means meant measure measures measures?” mechanism media medical Medical Medicine medicines Medicines meeting Melbourne member members membrane men mental Merlino messaging met method metres’ Mexico Michael middle Midlothian midnight might mild milder milestone milestone” million miners minimising minister Minister ministers ministry Ministry minority mistakes mitigation mobile modelling moderate Moderna Moderna’s Modi modify Moeti moment Monday monetary month more More Morning most Most move movements MPs mRNA much Mujinga Mujinga: Mumbai must mutated my myocarditis Nadhim naming Naming Naoto Narendra nascent Nathalie National national nations natural naturally Nature Neal Nearly nearly necessary need needed needs negative Neil Netflix Neurological never Never new New news News news: next Next NHS NichollsCovid-19 Nicola nightclubs nine no No non-peer-reviewed normality normally North Northern nose not notes nothing notice notified Novavax November November/December now Now nucleus number numbers nurses Nursing obligations observed obtain occur occurred of Of off offer offered offering Office officer official officials Officials Ohio old Old older Olympic Olympics Omi on On one One online only ONS opinion optimise or ordered ordering Oregon organisations organisers Organization Organization-backed Organizing origin originated origins origins: Other other others Our our Out out outbreak outcome outdoors outer outlined outside outweigh over overall oversees oversight overstretched overwhelmed own Oxfam’s Oxford Oxford/AstraZeneca Page paid Pakistan pandemic Pandemic pandemics pandemics: Panorama Panorama: Paralympic Parliament parliament parliament’s part participants participation particularly parties parts passed passengers past patients Patrick PCR peaks Pedestrians penalty pencilled people People people’s per performance period permitted person personal person’s Peru Peru’s Pfizer Pfizer/BioNTech pharmaceutical phased PHE phones photo picks Pinney/Getty place plan planned plans platelet platform played plus podcast pods pointed Police police policy polymerase Pool/Getty pools poor population Portugal Portugal’s posed poses positive possibility possible post-pandemic posted postponed potential PPE practices precautions precise Preliminary preliminary premier presence present presenting president press pressure prevalence preventing Prevention prevents previous Previous previously primary prime prioritising private prizes problem processing produce programme progress project Proportion proportion proposal proposed protect protection protective protein proteins prove proved provide provided provides province provision psychiatric public Public published pubs Punjab pupils purpura put quality-adjusted quarantine question questioned questioning questions quickly Quilty-Harper race Race race: radio Radio Rafael Raghib raise range ranking rapid rare rate rates rather Ravi re-opening: reaction read realising reasons receive received receives recent recently recommended reconsider record recorded recorded” recording records recovered red Red-list reduce refer refuse regional regions regulator related relations relaxation release released remain remainder remember Remembering reminder removed Renfrewshire reopened reopening replacing report reported reportedly reports representatives Republic required requirements requiring research Research Researchers researchers residents residentsChristopher respect Respiratory responded response rest restaurants restrictions result retail retain return returning Reuters REUTERS/Henry reveal revealed review reviewed revised right rise rises Rising rising risk risks Ritchie road Rob role Rolf roll-out rollback rollout rose rough routine Royal rules Rules rumbles runny runs rural safe safety said said: Sam same samples SARS-CoV-2 saw say saying says schedule scheduled scheme School school schools science Scientific scientific Scientist scientist scientists Scientists Scotland Scotland’s Scottish Searching seasonal Seattle second secretary Secretary sectors Security see See seeing seeking seems seen sees Semansky/AP/Shutterstock Semple senior separate September sequence series servants serve service services set seven several severe severely shapes share shared sharing She she Shigeru short shortage should Should show shows side sign signed significant similar simple simpler since Sindh single-dose Sinovac sites six Six six” Sky slightly small so So so-called social solution some someone something SOPA sore sorry sort sought source South space spark spat speaking specific Spector spent spike spikes split splitting spoke spokesperson spread spreading staff stage standards start started state statement states States Station Statistical Statistics stay step steps still Stirling stop Stop stories story strain” strategy Street street strict stricter stride studied Study study Sturgeon such suffered suggest suggestions suggests summer” summit supervised supplied supply support sure surge surges” surprising surrounding surveillance survey susceptibility swelling swimming Symptom symptomatic symptoms symptoms: syndrome system Szymanski/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock tackle take taken taking TALLIS/AFP Tamara Team team technology telecoms Telegram televised tells temporary ten tenth terminal test Test tested testing tests testsChristopher than that That that’s the The their them then There there therefore there’s these They they they’ve things think third this This those Those though thought thousands threat Threats three three-quarters throat thrombocytopenic through tighter Tim time timeline Times to Today today Tokyo told toll tomorrow too tools top topics: total tougher towards Trace trade traded training transmissibility transmissible transmission transmit transport travel travellers treatments trial trialled trials trigger trips Tropical true trust trusts Truth truth trying tweet twice two Tyneside Ueyama UK UK’s uncertainty Under under undercounting underestimated underprepared understand Union Union’s United Universities University unlikely” unnecessarily unreported until unusual unvaccinated up updated updates upon upper up” urge urging US us USA use used uses using USOPC usually vaccinate vaccinated vaccination Vaccination vaccinations vaccine Vaccine vaccine: vaccineLeszek vaccines Vaccines vaccine’s Vallance valuable variant variant: variants variants: variety Vassall vast Vaughan Vax vector venues versions very vessels via Vials Victoria view Violeta viral Virology virtual virus Virus virus-prevention Virus: viruses visit vulnerable Wales walk Wall want warned warning was Washington watch wave way ways we We we've wearing Wednesday week weekend weekly Weekly weeks weight well Wellcome went were Westminster we’ll What what What’s when where Where wherever whether which while White Whitty who WHO whose why Why widely will willing Wilson win Win with within without woman women Wong Woolhouse work worker workers working world World world? worldwide worry would write wrong Wuhan Yamaguchi year years yesterday yet York you You young younger your YouTube you’ve Yvonne Zahawi zero ZOE [or] ‘off’ “anything “avoiding “But “confident “could “currently “data “downbeat” “experiencing “extremely “failed” “From “green “hangs “has “I “If “important “In “including “is “It “justified” “month “not “People “pitiful” “probably “red-list” “rule “seems “sharp “step “The “There’s “This “Tokyo “We “were “We’ve “When “would€10 £1

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