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New Scientist 22.09.2020 kl. 20:00

Covid-19 news: New restrictions in England could last six months

The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic

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individuals indoor indoors induce induces inevitably infect infected infection infections infects inflammation influenced information initiative innovative instead internal International Internet intervention interventions interview into introduce introduced introducing investigated investigating INVESTMENT involve involved involving Ireland’s ironic is Isle isn’t isolate Israel Israel’s issues it It Italy its itself ITV It’s it’s Jacinda James January Japan Jean jerseys Joe Johannesburg John Johns Johnson join Jon Jonathan Joshua Journal journal journalist journalists Judd judge July jump June just keep keeping Keeping Kerkhove key kilometres KIM kind King/PA kits Kluge know known Kucharski lab Laboratories laboratories laboratory Laboratory-made labs Labs lab] lack Lancashire Lancet land landmark Landray large large-scale largely larger largest last Last lasting late late-stage later Latest latest launched laws Lawson LBC lead leaders leaders’ leading leaked learning least leave led left legally Legionella Legionnaires’ length less lessons letter level levels LEWIS LIBRARY2 life life-limiting lifted Lighthouse like Like likely limit limited limiting limits Linda line linger linked Lipinski/PA listen live Liverpool lives living local localised locally lock lockdown lockdowns London LondonBEN LondonDominic long longer look looking lost lots low lower lowest low” LUDBROOK/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock28 made Madrid magazine Mahal main maintaining major make making man manage managed Manchester ManchesterJon mandating mandatory manufacturers manufacturing many March Margaret Maria marked Marsh Martin mask masks mass materials Matt matter maximise maximum May may McClatchy McKee meaning means measure measures measures” media medical Medical Medicine Medicines Meeks meet meeting meetings Melinda member Members members mental merge Merthyr messages method methylprednisolone metres Michael microbe mid mid-2021 mid-October middle Midlands midnight midwives might miles million 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rejected relatively relax relaxed release released reliable remain reopen reopened reopening reopening: repeat repeated report reported reporting reports Reports report’s representative represents reproducing reproduction requesting requests required requirements research Research researchers Researchers residence respect respectively respiratory respond responding response response: responses responsible restaurant Restaurants restaurants restricted restricting restrictions Restrictions resul result resulting results retail retracted return returned returning reusable Reuters revealed reveals reversal reverse reviewed reviewing Rhondda richer right Riley rise risen rises rising risk Robert Rochdale role roll-out route routine row rule rules Rules ruling rush Russia RUSSIAN Russian Russia’s safe safe: safe? safety said said: Salford saliva Sam same Sanofi Sarah-Jane SARS-CoV-2 Saturday save say saying says scale scan SCARFF/AFP scenario: scheduled scheme school School school-age schools Schools schools: science SCIENCE Science Scientific scientific Scientist scientists Scotland Scotland’s screening seafront second second-highest second-wave secretary securing see seeing seem seems seen sees self-isolate self-isolating self-isolation Semple Senate send senior sensible sent separate September SeptemberAnthony Series series serious serves service services set setback setting seven several Several Severe severe severely shapes Shapps shared sharing sharply she Sheffield Shoppers Shops short short-cut short-term shortage shortages shots should Should shouldn’t show shown shut Shy sick significant significantly similar Similar Simon simple” since Since singer single Sisolak site situation six Six size sizes Sky slight slightly slows small smart smartphones sneezes so Social social social-distancing socialise socialising socially societal societies society some Some someone sometimes soon Soriot South Southampton southern space spaces Spain Spain’s specialists 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university unknowns unprecedented until up update updated updates uptick urged urgently urging US us use used users using usual vaccination vaccine Vaccine vaccine: vaccines Vallance Vallecas value van Van-Tam varied ventilation ventilators version very via vice-president video view violated violating virologists virus virus: Virus: viruses visit visiting Visitors visitors visits voluntarily volunteers vowed vulnerable wait waiving Wales walk walk-in walking walks want wanted wants warn warned warnings warns warrants was wash washable watch water Watt wave way ways we We weakness wear wearing wears website weddings Wednesday week weekend weekly Weekly weeks weight well went were West we’re we’ve What what when where whether which Which while White Whitty who WHO whole why wide widely wider widespread Widespread Wight will winter Wire/PA with With withdraw within without woman women won’t Woodward work work?: worked worker workers working workload” workplace workplaces works world World worldwide worried worrying worst worst-hit worth worthwhile would Wren Writing wrong wrongly wrote: Wuhan year year-old years yesterday yet York Yorkshire you You YouGov Young younger your YouTube you’ve Zealand [a [dexamethasone] [problem] [vaccine] [with […] ‘eat “a “A “about “additional “alarming “All “almost “as “big “CDC “could “departments” “draft “enforced “enormous “From “help “households” “huge “I “if “If “in “It “it “It’s “Knowing “Limited “main “massive “Monoclonal “more “Now “Of “Our “people “risks “risky “routine” “Sadly “self-isolate “show “significant “strikingly “suggests “super “surge “telling “Tests “the “The “There “This “tricky “truly “undeniable “useless” “very “We “we “we’ve “We’ve “What “with£10 £100 £200 £500 £3200

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