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1. Viktig?Mandag 19. april 2021 kl. 14:06
Culture calendar 19th25th April
The lockdown makes it hard for everyone to have a good time, yet we have some outdoor activities, online events, and recommendations you may enjoy.
ion consists of more than 100 paintings by famous artist Vebjørn Sand as well as sculptures by Vebjørn and Eimund Sand. The artistic language engages, challenges an
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2. Viktig?Mandag 19. april 2021 kl. 13:45
All-time low voter turnout at the student election for the second year in the row
The Leftist Alliance was this year’s big winner with 27.4 percent of the votes. At the same time, voter turnout was at an all-time low at 10.54 percent.
issues that resonates well with the students in a personal election. But I don’t think we have stolen voters from them. The Guest List does well when they have a p
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3. Viktig?Mandag 19. april 2021 kl. 12:49
Undertun signs rental agreement with MMA Offshore
Will provide rental of a 15m Motion Compensating Gangway
for the job of supervising the installation and commissioning on-board as well as providing training for MMA Offshore crew to operate the gangway at sea. Tensa Equi
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4. Viktig?Mandag 19. april 2021 kl. 09:01
Gran Turismo-skaperen vil utvikle noe helt nytt
I fjor annonserte Sony Gran Turismo 7, men spikret aldri noen lanseringsdato, annet enn at det skulle komme i løpet av første halvdel av 2021. Men ettersom pandemien har... ]]>
intervju er svaret mer Gran Turismo, men muligens også noe helt annet:"Well, I intend to continue Gran Turismo going forward, which will be in the same boat as the
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6. Viktig?Mandag 19. april 2021 kl. 06:01
U.S. cities and regions offer cash incentives to skilled remote workers to relocate
The uncoupling of work and location means that opportunities are no longer restricted to major urban centers. The post U.S. cities and regions offer cash incentives to skilled remote workers to relocate appeared first on Digiday.
come in for their own well-being. So those who have suffered the most mental health-wise, from being isolated during the lockdown, they can book their desk in advan
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8. Viktig?Mandag 19. april 2021 kl. 06:01
‘We don’t post much organic content’: Pepsi sees TikTok as a pay-to-play platform
PepsiCo is seeing success on TikTok as a pay-to-play platform, which is using the platform to release popular challenges for users. The post ‘We don’t post much organic content’: Pepsi sees TikTok as a pay-to-play platform appeared first on Digiday.
rs a clearer picture of how well campaigns like the #PepsiChallenge perform. For example, a brand effect study in one market showed that the #PepsiChallenge campai
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9. Viktig?Mandag 19. april 2021 kl. 06:01
Media Buying Briefing: As gaming explodes as an ad medium, media agencies aim level up
Media buyers are ramping up their efforts to guide clients through the exploding but complex world of marketing in gaming. The post Media Buying Briefing: As gaming explodes as an ad medium, media agencies aim level up appeared first on Digiday.
ities, as well as calling on a variety of disciplines. “A lot of what we do is not fully within the media agency skillset,” said Raciti. “We created this discipline
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12. Viktig?Lørdag 17. april 2021 kl. 18:26
:  Chelsea i ledelsen
15:55FA-cup: Chelsea - Manchester City : Chelsea ledelsen 1-0! Hakim Ziyech setter inn 1-0 og målet ...
kneskade.I’d like to thank everyone for your well wishes and support! My family although very shaken up are luckily unharmed! ❤️Hoping these people can find a more
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14. Viktig?Lørdag 17. april 2021 kl. 00:31
NASA has selected SpaceX to build a lander to take humans to the moon
SpaceX has been awarded a $2.9 billion contract to build the lunar lander that will take astronauts to the surface of the moon as part of NASA's Artemis programme
irst time since the final Apollo mission in 1972. If all goes well, NASA representatives say this could occur as soon as 2024. Sign up to our free Launchpad newslet
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15. Viktig?Fredag 16. april 2021 kl. 18:36
Covid-19 news: Infections in England at lowest level in 7 months
The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic
ndon boroughs as well as in parts of Smethwick in the West Midlands in England, after a new case was detected there. More than 200,000 new coronavirus cases were re
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16. Viktig?Fredag 16. april 2021 kl. 14:51
On Putin's table is an Arctic Council meeting on the North Pole
The Arctic was high on the agenda as the supervisory board of the Geographical Society convened in ...
Looney, co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group Jack Ma, as well as Swedish billionaire businessman Frederik Paulsen. All of the three foreign bus
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17. Viktig?Fredag 16. april 2021 kl. 12:36
U.S. Navy will build airport infrastructure in northern Norway to meet upped Russian submarine presence
“This agreement will strengthen the United States and NATO’s possibilities to defend Norway,” said ...
in the agreement; the three airports Rygge, Sola and Evenes, as well as Ramsund naval station. Rygge and Sola airports are in southern Norway, while the two latter
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19. Viktig?Fredag 16. april 2021 kl. 06:01
How eos skincare rode a TikTok trend to sales increases
Eos skincare is the latest brand to benefit from a viral TikTok video after its product was touted by a user advising on best shaving practices. The post How eos skincare rode a TikTok trend to sales increases appeared first on Digiday.
products to their cart as well. “There’s no way that would have been approved through traditional brand channels,” said Mae Karwowski, ceo of Obvious.ly, an influe
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