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2. Viktig?Onsdag 23. sep. 2020 kl. 20:00
Safe, extra long-life nuclear batteries could soon be a reality
An upgrade on the tech that powers spacecraft across the cosmos could soon be used to create incredibly long-lasting batteries back on Earth
ff in 1977, beginning what would prove to be the longest journeys ever taken by objects from Earth. The two spacecraft have now left the solar system and Voyager 2 is
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3. Viktig?Tirsdag 22. sep. 2020 kl. 18:31
AI camera can tell what surfaces feel like with just a glance
Artificially intelligent cameras are able to tell the physical properties of surfaces, such as texture or how well it conducts heat, based on a single imagebut they can't tell whether something is sticky
What do the objects in this picture feel like? An AI-equipped camera can tellCavan Images / AlamyAn AI linked to a camera can tell the physical properties of surfaces
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5. Viktig?Torsdag 17. sep. 2020 kl. 21:55
RTX 3080-galskap: kortet ble stjålet fra handlekurven vår
Spill: Derfor var det umulig å bestille. Nvidia lover flere kort fortløpende. (oppdatert)  
Broadcaster running in the background. [3052464][World of Warcraft]: Objects randomly flicker. [3101638]Video playback on the secondary display lags/freezes while pla
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6. Viktig?Mandag 14. sep. 2020 kl. 13:47
AI tool improves video footage by editing out unwanted objects
Hollywood movie studios invest significant time and money editing out unwanted objects from video footage – a new AI tool can do the same job at a fraction of the cost
An AI tool analyses video footage to remove unwanted objectsVirginia Tech, FacebookObjects can be removed from videos, and the field of vision of the camera can be ex
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7. Viktig?Torsdag 10. sep. 2020 kl. 21:00
Dark matter in galaxy clusters is behaving oddly and we don't know why
Galaxies are so massive that they bend light around them, which happens 10 times more often than we expected, indicating a possible problem with dark matter
or clusters of galaxies is by analysing how they affect the light coming from objects behind them. When light passes a massive object, such as a galaxy full of dark ma
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8. Viktig?Tirsdag 08. sep. 2020 kl. 10:00
Small sticker could hide a fighter jet from an enemy drone
Sticking a small, patterned patch on large objects such as planes can trick AI detectors trained to spot military assets in drone images
t like a plane can hide it from artificial intelligence systems trained to spot objects in drone footage. The technology could help conceal military assets from drone
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9. Viktig?Fredag 04. sep. 2020 kl. 13:47
Public webcams are telling us whether people are social distancing
Since April, researchers have been assessing whether people are social distancing by analysing video feeds from 11,000 public webcams across the world
s have been run through deep-learning neural networks that automatically detect objects and differentiate them from people. Bounding boxes are drawn around the … Publ
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10. Viktig?Onsdag 02. sep. 2020 kl. 21:00
Secure quantum communications network is the largest of its kind
A quantum communications network running on optical fibres in Bristol, UK, is the largest of its kind with eight users, but its creators say it could handle more than 100 people in future
ltiplexing entanglement. Entanglement is a quantum property that sees two objects, such as a pair of photons, linked so that measuring one of them instantly influences
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11. Viktig?Onsdag 02. sep. 2020 kl. 18:00
Watch a toy boat float upside down in a levitating puddle
By taking advantage of a strange phenomenon in which liquids can be shaken so fast that they levitate, researchers have made a toy boat float upside down
e bulk of the puddle. This also creates a stable point for floating objects at the bottom of the liquid: the researchers floated small toy boats on both the top and th
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12. Viktig?Onsdag 02. sep. 2020 kl. 15:00
Gravitational wave detectors have found their biggest black hole yet
Gravitational wave observatories LIGO and Virgo have spotted their biggest black hole yet at 142 times the mass of the sun, the first hard proof that black holes this size exist
s in the US, and Virgo is another detector in Italy. When massive objects in space move, they create ripples in space-time called gravitational waves that stretch and
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13. Viktig?Fredag 28. aug. 2020 kl. 14:00
AI removes unwanted objects from photos to give a clearer view
Photos can be spoiled if there is a distracting object in the foreground, but a new AI tool can digitally remove the obstructions to give a clearer view
A new AI tool can remove unwanted objects from photosYu-Lun Liu et al.An image or video can be spoiled if there is a distracting object in the foreground, but a new a
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14. Viktig?Torsdag 27. aug. 2020 kl. 18:06
Stor samarbejdsinteresse mellem nordiske og russiske parter
Følgende projekter modtager finansiering: 1. Wind Energy: joint innovation solutions for the fu...
and conservation techniques for unique cultural objects Det overordnede mål er at styrke samarbejdet mellem den akademiske verden, offentlige myndigheder, eksperter i
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15. Viktig?Tirsdag 25. aug. 2020 kl. 18:54
Science with Sam: What is a black hole? And could you survive one?
Ever wondered what a black hole is made of, or what would happen if you fell into one? Let our new video series Science with Sam explain everything.
how a vaccine works, this video series is for you. First up: Black holes, objects so massive and dense that not even beams of light, the fastest things in the universe
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16. Viktig?Tirsdag 25. aug. 2020 kl. 13:08
A man is charged for death threats against Per Sandberg and Bahareh Letnes
A man in his 30’s has been charged  of having threatened to kill former FRP minister Per Sandberg and his partner, Bahareh Letnes earlier this... Continue reading A man is charged for death threats against Per Sandberg and Bahareh Letnes at Norway Today.
ner in Oslo, where he is said to have destroyed a number of objects. In addition, he is accused of having taken well-known items for 100,000 NOK, which he took when he
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17. Viktig?Tirsdag 25. aug. 2020 kl. 12:56
Google skyller förra veckans driftstörningar hög trafik
En plötslig ökning av trafiken ledde till en överbelastning för systemet som hanterar ostrukturerad data. Sedan dröjde det inte länge innan i stort sett samtliga av Googles tjänster påverkades ett eller annat sätt.
temet som hanterar ostrukturerad data, även känt som binary large objects blobs. När det hela skulle åtgärdas räckte resurserna inte till och resultatet blev att i sto
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18. Viktig?Mandag 24. aug. 2020 kl. 19:34
Solar system may have had a second sun that helped grab Planet Nine
In its youth our solar system may have contained two suns, which could explain how it had the gravitational pull to capture the hypothetical Planet Nine
lar system. If so, that could explain how the solar system caught its outermost objects, including the hypothetical Planet Nine. Our solar system is far bigger than ju
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19. Viktig?Lørdag 22. aug. 2020 kl. 18:24
Heavy clashes during Sian demonstration in Bergen
Chaos and clashes broke out during a demonstration held by the anti-Islamic group Sian in Bergen on Saturday morning. The Sian leader was injured. Both... Continue reading Heavy clashes during Sian demonstration in Bergen at Norway Today.
er Algrøy of the West police district to NTB.Several protesters also threw objects at police and tried to tear down the barriers. Pepper spray or tear gas seemed to ha
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20. Viktig?Torsdag 13. aug. 2020 kl. 14:51
Video blogger arrested by FSB, accused of revealing state secrets
Andrey Pyzha was detained only few days after a visit to the Kola Peninsula.
The 35-year old blogger known for his stunts and visits to abandoned industrial objects was on the 5th August nabbed by police and put in two-month custody. The detent
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