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1. Viktig?Torsdag 17. sep. 2020 kl. 20:36
Avsløring: Kan være ett skritt nærmere å skaffe seg atomvåpen
Den britiske avisen The Guardian har fått tilgang dokumenter som viser at Saudi Arabia har nok ur...
av Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology og China National Nuclear Corporation.Atomvåpen-bekymringUran benyttes for å produsere atomdrivstoff som brukes i kjer
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2. Viktig?Torsdag 17. sep. 2020 kl. 07:55
Hitachi hoppar av kärnkraftsbyggehårt slag mot ny atomkraft i Europa
Japanska Hitachi hoppar av kärnkraftsprojektet Wylfa Newydd i Wales. Beskedet är ännu ett hårt slag mot försöken att ny atomkraft plats i norra Europa.
en att få ny atomkraft på plats i norra Europa. Hitachi-bolaget Horizon Nuclear, som tidigare ägts av bland andra Eon, förklarar beslutet med att ”investeringsmiljön h
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3. Viktig?Onsdag 16. sep. 2020 kl. 07:22
Experts warn of potentially ‘deadly’ great power games in the Arctic
By Levon Sevunts The Royal Navy announced last week that it has led a multi-national task group of...
nt Kola Peninsula, home to the Northern Fleet and a large part of the Russian nuclear arsenal, The Barents Observer reported. More than 1,200 military personnel from t
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4. Viktig?Fredag 11. sep. 2020 kl. 13:21
Putin's grand target for Arctic shipping will not be met
In his political priorities outlined in May 2018, Vladimir Putin demanded that annual shipping on t...
ute must reach 80 million tons by year 2024. That will not happen. Rosatom, the nuclear power company that is responsible for development of the Arctic shipping route,
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5. Viktig?Fredag 11. sep. 2020 kl. 07:21
London calling to the faraway north, leads largest NATO task force into the Barents Sea since last Cold War
A British Royal Navy statement following this week’s exercise disproves the post-Cold War saying “H...
c missiles submarines of the Northern Fleet a reliable nuclear deterrance. During the NATO mission this week, HMS Sutherland led the ships through a demanding series o
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6. Viktig?Onsdag 09. sep. 2020 kl. 08:00
”Inför en extra energiskattäven för kärnkraftsel”
DEBATT. En extra energiskatt för allaäven företagsom inte använder grön el kan finansiera investeringar som behövs i elsystemet, skriver företrädare för Ingenjörer för miljön.
Science & Power Generation Technology, 2020, 9:2. ”Inför en extra energiskatt – även för kärnkraftsel” DEBATT. En extra energiskatt för alla – även företag – som
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7. Viktig?Tirsdag 08. sep. 2020 kl. 11:51
In a controversial move, Norway sails frigate into Russian economic zone together with U.K. and U.S. navy ships
The Norwegian frigate KNM Thor Heyerdahl today sails the Barents Sea together with the U.S. Navy Ar...
Main Directorate of the Ministry of Defense has five storage sites for nuclear warheads in the region. When the U.S. Sixth Fleet, together with a British navy ship, s
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8. Viktig?Tirsdag 08. sep. 2020 kl. 11:22
Greenpeace Historie
I 1971 seilte en gruppe aktivister mot øya Amchitka utenfor Alaska. Målet deres var å stoppe en atombombeprøvesprengning. Det var en reise som skapte en bevegelse, som siden den gang har skapt historie.
escribed the plan to sail a boat to the Arctic Ocean to stop the testing of a nuclear bomb. Irving didn’t know it then, but the Greenpeace trip would last for decades.
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9. Viktig?Mandag 07. sep. 2020 kl. 17:06
Grand Arctic deal: new yard to build 15 LNG carriers
The Zvezda yard in Vladivostok will have plenty of complex Arctic shipbuilding to do over the next ...
y will have the power equivalent to 45 MW, which is comparable with a nuclear powered icebreaker, Zvezda informs. “These are among the technologically most complex shi
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10. Viktig?Fredag 04. sep. 2020 kl. 10:22
Ballade video LXIII: Gaustatoppen Skyline
Syv nye videoer med girl in red, KinGeorg, Christine Sandtorv, Enslaved, Ihsahn, Nils Petter Molvær og Mino Cinélu. Samt starten et storstilt videoprosjekt av Maria Norseth Garli. Innlegget Ballade video LXIII: Gaustatoppen Skyline dukket først opp ballade.no.
nslaved er veteraner på den norske metal-scenen, og startet opp i Sveio i Sunnhordland i 1991. De debuterte to år senere med ”Hordanes Land” en splitt-EP med Emperor.
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11. Viktig?Onsdag 02. sep. 2020 kl. 15:01
Mini-reaktor får klartecken i USA
Små och modulära kärnreaktorer ses av många som lösningen för framtidens energi. Nu har en reaktor om 50 MW för första gången blivit godkänd i USA.
i USA. Amerikanska Nuscale fick i fredags sitt godkännande från US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, NRC. Det betyder att företagets reaktorkoncept uppfyller säkerhetskr
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12. Viktig?Tirsdag 01. sep. 2020 kl. 17:07
Advance of Russian oil could mean death to life in great Arctic bay
The unprecedented development of petroleum resources in and around the shallow waters of the Ob Bay threatens a unique ecosystem. Header settings Image
or a lion’s share of the dredging. The company, a subsidiary of state nuclear power producer Rosatom, will in the course of the next four years remove 80 million tons
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13. Viktig?Torsdag 27. aug. 2020 kl. 22:19
Innledning pressekonferansen med Kinas utenriksminister Wang Yi
Utenriksminister Ine Eriksen Søreides innledning pressekonferansen med Kinas utenriksminister Wang Yi.
have of course discussedsome of the pressing international issues of the day, nuclear disarmament being one of them. From Norway’s side we have reiterated our concern
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14. Viktig?Torsdag 27. aug. 2020 kl. 22:19
Utenriksministerens innledning pressekonferansen med Kinas utenriksminister Wang Yi
Utenriksministerens innledning pressekonferansen med Kinas utenriksminister Wang Yi
off course touched upon some of the pressing international issues of the day, nuclear disarmament being one of them. From Norway’s side we have reiterated our concern
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15. Viktig?Onsdag 26. aug. 2020 kl. 18:00
Quantum computers may be destroyed by high-energy particles from space
The power of a quantum computer is limited by how long it can remain in a certain state, and high-energy particles hurtling from space can destroy those quantum states
erence time. The researchers found that background radiation, both from nuclear decay events that happen naturally in all sorts of materials and from cosmic rays that
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16. Viktig?Tirsdag 25. aug. 2020 kl. 17:06
Military land on Kola coast could become site for new Arctic container port
The governor of Murmansk is calling on the Ministry of Defense to release acreage for a projected major Arctic terminal.
clear. Big potential According to Rusatom Cargo, a subsidiary of state nuclear power company Rosatom, there is a potential for up to 4,5 million TEU across Russian Ar
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17. Viktig?Tirsdag 25. aug. 2020 kl. 15:36
U.S. Navy's most advanced attack submarine surfaced outside Tromsø
The USS Seawolf conducted a brief stop in the fjord near Tromsø on August 21 for personnel change before sailing out to waters inside the Arctic Circle.
coast of the United States and normally sails the Pacific. But on Friday the nuclear-powered submarine suddenly came to surface outside Tromsø in northern Norway. Her
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19. Viktig?Fredag 21. aug. 2020 kl. 12:36
With melting glaciers appears new islands, this year at Novaya Zemlya
While low-laying islands in the Pacific Ocean disappear under rising seas, geographers have to redraw Arctic maps as land previously hidden underneath ice-covered waters pops up.
tist reported referring to a study in Micronesia and the Solomon Islands. Nuclear bomb tests Melting glaciers is not only causing map-drawers to reshape Arctic maps.
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20. Viktig?Torsdag 20. aug. 2020 kl. 12:36
Expedition shares scary photos from the North Pole
Loose and weak ice with lots of melt ponds, partly open water, and no signs of multiyear ice. The powerful photos from the MOSAiC expedition reaching the North Pole on August 19 show the dramatic impact of climate changes.
rth Pole was the Soviet Union’s nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika on August 17, 1977. On the 40 years anniversary of the voyage, in August 2017, the icebreaker 50 let
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