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1. Viktig?Fredag 14. aug. 2020 kl. 19:02
Covid-19 news: France could quarantine arrivals from the UK
The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic
France from the UK could be required to quarantine for two weeks after arrival into the country, Clément Beaune, France’s junior minister for European Affairs, tol
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2. Viktig?Fredag 14. aug. 2020 kl. 17:34
Why a fight over Fortnite could decide the future of big tech
Apple and Google have long held firm control over which apps can be sold on their devices, but lawsuits from the developer of the mega popular game Fortnite could change that
Luca Antonio Lorenzelli / Alamy Stock PhotoFortnite players have been recruited into a huge anti-competition battle after the game was pulled from the iOS and Andro
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3. Viktig?Fredag 14. aug. 2020 kl. 17:11
Rare plant may prevent the first lithium quarry in the US from opening
Tiehm’s buckwheat is an extremely rare plant that thrives in soil containing lithium and boron. Both elements are vital for renewable energy technologies, but mining for them will destroy most of the plant's habitat
r Biological DiversityAn Australian mining firm wants to turn a Nevada valley into a quarry for lithium and boron key elements for green technologies but a rare p
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4. Viktig?Fredag 14. aug. 2020 kl. 13:38
Ny musikk fra Drake, BENEE, Diana Krall, The Killers, Elvis Costello, Lany, Oda Loves You med flere
Diana Krall med nytt album i september Superstjernen Drake overrasket fansen med sin nye singel "Lau...
n Drum for a bit, the song fell into this double time thing and I just went with it. I called my friend and bandmate, Dave Hartley, to fill out the bass on the new
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5. Viktig?Fredag 14. aug. 2020 kl. 13:18
At Least 100,000 Victims of Modern Slavery Just in UK
Many thousands of children, women and men of all nationalities and backgrounds are tricked, taken and coerced into sexual slavery, crime, hard labour and domestic servitude.
men and men of all nationalities and backgrounds are tricked, taken and coerced into sexual slavery, crime, hard labour and domestic servitude.
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6. Viktig?Torsdag 13. aug. 2020 kl. 21:02
A Coronavirus-infected man boarded a plane to Qatar at Gardermoen
Shortly after being informed that he was infected with the Coronavirus, a man from Lillehammer boarded the plane to Qatar on Wednesday afternoon. The man... Continue reading A Coronavirus-infected man boarded a plane to Qatar at Gardermoen at Norway Today.
mented there. The person was made aware of the test and he claimed he was going into isolation before departure, but he has chosen to ignore this. He can expect a r
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7. Viktig?Torsdag 13. aug. 2020 kl. 18:00
Trilobites living 429 million years ago had eyes like modern insects
A compound eye almost identical to those of modern bees and dragonflies has been found in a fossil trilobite that lived on the seabed 429 million years ago
ts. The only difference was that they weren’t quite as densely packed into the eye, probably reducing the amount of detail the animal could see. But to all intents
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8. Viktig?Torsdag 13. aug. 2020 kl. 14:51
Video blogger arrested by FSB, accused of revealing state secrets
Andrey Pyzha was detained only few days after a visit to the Kola Peninsula.
rth. In the film, published in October 2019, the blogger makes it unnoticed into the once key strategic object the Kola Peninsula. He finds a facility that is in a
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9. Viktig?Torsdag 13. aug. 2020 kl. 13:08
93 percent fewer checked for blood alcohol content(BAC) this summer
June and July this year saw 7,043 drivers checked by police for BAC. This is 93 percent less than the same period last yearAs... Continue reading 93 percent fewer checked for blood alcohol content(BAC) this summer at Norway Today.
only check where we have reason to believe, or where there is a suspicion of intoxication in the picture. Therefore, there is a sharp decline in the number of peop
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10. Viktig?Torsdag 13. aug. 2020 kl. 12:36
Deputy Prime Minister responsible for Arctic contracts coronavirus
Yuri Trutnev tests positive following a visit to Chechnya.
The Russian deputy cabinet leader has retreated into self-isolation, Trutnev’s press spokesman told news agency Interfax on Wednesday. The high-ranking government
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11. Viktig?Torsdag 13. aug. 2020 kl. 12:00
Treats are better than electric shocks for training badly behaved dogs
When it comes to training badly behaved dogs, treats and rewards produce better and quicker results than electric shock collars
er and his colleagues compared the two training methods using 63 dogs split into three groups. All the animals required … Treats are better than electric shocks fo
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12. Viktig?Torsdag 13. aug. 2020 kl. 11:26
Snapped cable slashes a devastating hole in Arecibo radio telescope
As Tropical Storm Isaias hit Puerto Rico, a thick cable snapped at Arecibo Observatoryone of the biggest radio telescopes in the worldand crashed through the dish
ed to access it. The observatory is now closed for an investigation into why the thick cable broke. Sign up to our free Launchpad newsletter for a monthly voyage ac
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13. Viktig?Onsdag 12. aug. 2020 kl. 21:04
Another seven nightclubs in Oslo have closed last month due to the Coronavirus
Since mid-July, the business agency in Oslo has closed seven nightclubs due to lack of infection control. A total of 14 locations have been closed... Continue reading Another seven nightclubs in Oslo have closed last month due to the Coronavirus at Norway Today.
uring the pandemic.“On the second floor, the police were not even able to get into the room due to so many people dancing in the middle of the floor”, writes the Os
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14. Viktig?Onsdag 12. aug. 2020 kl. 21:00
Stone Age people were cremating their dead about 9000 years ago
A 9000-year-old cremation in Israel may help identify when in prehistory people began changing their burial practices and perhaps their religious beliefs too
says Bocquentin. The ash was the remains of wood that had been stacked into a pyre and burned. It isn’t clear if the body was on top of the pyre, inside it or unde
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15. Viktig?Onsdag 12. aug. 2020 kl. 19:35
NFIF oppdaterer skoregelen - Technical Rule 5
Saken er oppdatert 13. august med lenke til World Athletics List of approved competition shoes. Det er ikke lenger tillatt å bruke sko med tykkere såle enn 25 mm ved løp bane. Overgangsbestemm...
July to amend Technical Rule 5 outlined that the rule came into force with immediate effect. The notification and publication of the amendment was made on 28 July 2
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16. Viktig?Onsdag 12. aug. 2020 kl. 18:00
Ancient serene galaxy suggests the early universe was eerily calm
A strange coffee stain galaxy in the early universe is much calmer than it ought to be, which may mean our ideas about a chaotic young universe could be wrong
ect. The light is also magnified as it bends, so by turning that light back into an image of the farther object we can reconstruct a relatively detailed picture. Ve
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17. Viktig?Onsdag 12. aug. 2020 kl. 13:21
Arctic summer sea ice could be gone by 2035, new study forecasts
The Arctic could be completely ice-free in summers by 2035, according to a new study that compared present-day conditions with those about 130,000 years ago.
oria Guarino, Earth System Modeller at British Antarctic Survey BAS. A window into the future Unravelling this mystery was technically and scientifically challengin
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18. Viktig?Onsdag 12. aug. 2020 kl. 12:36
New powerful icebreaker might never make it to the Arctic
It is one of the world's most powerful icebreaking vessels, but Russia's Viktor Chernomyrdin might end up serving only in Baltic waters.
shipping route and the diesel-engined Viktor Chernomyrdin might not fit into plans.ADVERTISEMENT When entering service, presumably early fall 2020, the icebreaker w
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19. Viktig?Onsdag 12. aug. 2020 kl. 08:00
The surprising ways little social interactions affect your health
Greeting neighbours or gossiping with a colleague can boost your health and well-being, but coronavirus lockdowns are putting that in jeopardy. Here’s how to stay connected
bonds might start to evaporate. “What I miss is when you walk into a physical meeting, you are talking to the person that is next to you, you’re able to connect wit
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20. Viktig?Onsdag 12. aug. 2020 kl. 07:46
Avgjørende avtale for Nussir
Sjansen for at Nussir-gruven kommer i drift har økt betydelig etter at selskapet har inngått avtale med tyske Aurubis.
es and recycling materials and processes it into intermediate products. Copper scrap and a variety of other recycling materials are reintroduced to the economic cyc
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