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3. Viktig?Tirsdag 29. sep. 2020 kl. 14:32
Let the coronavirus spread among young people? It’s not a good idea
As a rise in cases of covid-19 is met with anti-lockdown protests, a small minority are arguing that we should let the virus rip through the young and healthy
read. But others point out that restrictions cause their own harms, including impacts on other health services, economic hardship and a significant toll on mental heal
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4. Viktig?Mandag 28. sep. 2020 kl. 22:30
Økt innsats mot seksualisert og kjønnsbasert vold i konflikt
Norge var i dag medarrangør et virtuelt arrangement om seksualisert og kjønnsbasert vold i konflikt (Sexual and gender-based violence, SGBV). Arrangementet var en del av FNs høynivåuke (UNGA 75).
umanitarian settings, with long-lasting social, psychological, and economic impacts for survivors and their communities. The UN estimates that SGBV costs the world 2%
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8. Viktig?Onsdag 09. sep. 2020 kl. 08:30
Eika Gruppen signs the global principles for responsible banking
Eika Gruppen (the Eika group) has become a signatory of the UN principles for sustainable banking and joined UNEP FI, a global organisation for cooperation between the UN and the financial sector.
et setting We will continuously increase our positive impacts while reducing the negative impacts on, and managing the risks to, people and the environment resulting f
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11. Viktig?Torsdag 03. sep. 2020 kl. 03:01
Aviation’s contribution to global warming has doubled since 2000
The rapid growth of the aviation industry is far outpacing efforts to reduce its contribution to climate change. Planes are now responsible for 3.5 per cent of global warming
ot the answer, he says, because when the full impacts of growing crops for biofuels are taken into account it is not clear that biofuels reduce emissions much if at al
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12. Viktig?Onsdag 02. sep. 2020 kl. 17:40
Coronavirus: Should children returning to school wear face coverings?
Advice on whether children should wear face masks to protect against the spread of coronavirus varies around the world and by health body. What does the science say?
WHO urges that decision-makers consider the potential impacts of mask-wearing on learning and social development even in children aged between 6 and 11. Scott recommen
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16. Viktig?Tirsdag 18. aug. 2020 kl. 17:59
Coronavirus essential guide: Everything you need to know on covid-19
After more than six months since the new coronavirus emerged, we have learned an incredible amount about the virus and covid-19. Discover our essential  guide, bringing you the best, most relevant coverage from New Scientist
tious good news. Several treatments have been shown to lessen the impacts of the disease, even if there is no systematic treatment yet. And there are more than 160 tea
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17. Viktig?Fredag 14. aug. 2020 kl. 07:01
Fast food consumption is on the rise among US children and adolescents
Children in the US gain an average of 14 per cent of their daily calories from fast foodup from about 11 per cent a decade agoaccording to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
e says. The consumption of fast food could have lasting impacts on children’s health. Past research suggests that children who eat more fast food have more fat and sug
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18. Viktig?Fredag 07. aug. 2020 kl. 12:00
Covid-19 lockdowns will have little lasting impact on global warming
Global lockdowns to halt the spread of the coronavirus will have a negligible impact on global warming, researchers have found. If measures stay in place until 2021, global temperatures will only be 0.01°C lower than expected by 2030
under the international Paris climate agreement to prevent the most dangerous impacts of global warming. Forster started working on the analysis with his daughter Harr
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20. Viktig?Torsdag 30. juli 2020 kl. 12:00
Extreme heat from the sun is baking a thin crust on Mercury’s surface
Mercury's surface should be powdery like Earth's moon, but the extreme heat it experiences from being close to the sun may be baking it into a thin, hard crust
Earth’s moon, Mercury’s surface lacks a substantial atmosphere, meaning impacts should break down its surface into a thin powder over time. However, Mikhail Kreslavsky
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