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1. Viktig?Tirsdag 29. sep. 2020 kl. 13:01
redigerar du proffsiga Tiktok-filmerdirekt i appen
Det är inte lätt att veta hur man går tillväga för att skapa en underhållande Tiktok. Här går vi igenom de grundläggande stegen för hur du redigerar din video direkt i appen.
a längden. Du kan även ändra ordningen på dina klipp om de skulle hamnat fel under filmningen. Det gör du genom att klicka och hålla in på det klipp du vill flytta oc
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2. Viktig?Fredag 25. sep. 2020 kl. 13:17
"A Dialogue with the World’s Top Ten Donors on Global Humanitarian Needs"
Statssekretær Marianne Hagens innlegg et virtuelt sidearrangement under FNs høynivåuke (UNGA 75) om den humanitære situasjonen i verden som forverres av koronapandemien.
humanitarian organisations to respond quickly. They need to be able to adjust their priorities to meet rapidly shifting needs. Early this year, Norway provided subst
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3. Viktig?Onsdag 23. sep. 2020 kl. 06:01
‘Necessary, but insufficient:’ Advertisers are starting to question the value of low exchange fees
Large changes in bid price can often produce small changes in an advertiser’s ability to win those auctions. The post ‘Necessary, but insufficient:’ Advertisers are starting to question the value of low exchange fees appeared first on Digiday.
ost of impressions that the DSPs didn’t adjust their bidding behavior. In a programmatic buy, if an agency DSP bids a dollar for an impression, the SSP takes a 15% cu
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4. Viktig?Onsdag 23. sep. 2020 kl. 02:01
Young bats accept reality of climate change before older generations
Bats that normally migrate more than 1500 kilometres in the winter are staying closer to home as the world warms, with young males being the first to make the change
a in flightAndy Harmer / AlamyYoung male bats are the first of their species to adjust to the realities of a warming world, with older generations being slower to ada
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5. Viktig?Fredag 11. sep. 2020 kl. 17:28
AI can edit video in real time to sync new audio to people's lips
An algorithm can rapidly alter video footage of a person talking or singing to make them appear to lip sync to any soundwhich could be useful for dubbing movies into different languages
ths to the soundsEverett Collection Inc / AlamyAn artificial intelligence can adjust video footage in real time to make people appear to lip sync to any sound. Prajwa
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7. Viktig?Tirsdag 08. sep. 2020 kl. 08:00
Report from the Norwegian SILC web pilot 2019
This report describes results from the SILC web pilot conducted by Statistics Norway in June 2019. ...
6 examines mode-effects. We find mode selection bias that may be difficult to adjust for using the current weighting procedure of the Norwegian SILC. Furthermore, we
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9. Viktig?Torsdag 03. sep. 2020 kl. 12:21
- It feels like they are taking advantage of the fact that we are students and vulnerable
The student organisation SiO charges NOK 20 per wash in its communal laundries. Several students find it unfair to have to pay such a large sum to wash their own clothes.
es of laundry in the communal laundries have not been adjusted up since 2012.⁠ What do you think about students spending up to 150 NOK a month on laundry? Do you need
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12. Viktig?Tirsdag 01. sep. 2020 kl. 06:01
Deep Dive: How companies and their employees are facing the future of work
As the coronavirus continues to upend the media and marketing industries, what the future of work looks like is a huge unkown. The post Deep Dive: How companies and their employees are facing the future of work appeared first on Digiday.
humor, informative content and so on. Serena Ziskroit, vp of People at the company, said that in the end, what resonated most were stories from real people profile
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14. Viktig?Tirsdag 25. aug. 2020 kl. 14:41
This is what student life will be like in the autumn of Covid-19
The new semester has begun, and students can finally return to campus. With focus on infection control measures, this autumn will offer a slightly different everyday life for students.
nts will be sorted into regular groups, so to easily adjust the number of students coming, depending on how the infection situation develops. ⁠ Should infection contr
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15. Viktig?Torsdag 20. aug. 2020 kl. 16:35
Secret to tardigrades' toughness revealed by supercomputer simulation
Tardigrades can survive extreme temperatures and the vacuum of space – a supercomputer simulation of the behaviour of 750,000 atoms in and around its DNA help explain why
disordered” and highly flexible, and seems to be able to adjust its structure to precisely fit DNA’s shape. “Our study reveals that the electrical effects underlying
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16. Viktig?Onsdag 12. aug. 2020 kl. 19:35
NFIF oppdaterer skoregelen - Technical Rule 5
Saken er oppdatert 13. august med lenke til World Athletics List of approved competition shoes. Det er ikke lenger tillatt å bruke sko med tykkere såle enn 25 mm ved løp bane. Overgangsbestemm...
een wearing shoes over the limits stipulated in the table to give them time to adjust. This is where Field Event athletes have known medical issues with their foot/fe
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20. Viktig?Fredag 10. juli 2020 kl. 06:04
Advertisers were cutting their Facebook ad spending well before the boycott began
Eleven of the 20 largest Facebook advertisers to boycott have been reducing the amount they spend on the platform over the last two years. The post Advertisers were cutting their Facebook ad spending well before the boycott began appeared first on Digiday.
e seen in recent weeks for Facebook, advertisers then need to quickly adjust and adapt their strategies to coincide with those changes,” said Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of a
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